Hello, and Welcome.

Hello everyone, and how exciting to have you all on board. Thanks for stopping by my new little run blog, and I hope you enjoy. For my very first post (ahhhh!) I thought I’d let you know what to expect to see from me. So here’s a sneaky preview of what’s coming up:

*Run photo here – I will be upfront and say these will all likely be posed and edited*


Monday: Core workout

A little expansion on my training.

Tuesday: Intervals

Either something fairly happy about how this went well, or me trying my upmost to be positive when I literally died. This entry is coming to you from beyond the grave.

Wednesday: Easy miles

Well yes, not much more going on there. Miles in the bank. I probably took a while to stretch out later in the day too.

Thursday: Easy miles

Again, they were miles, and they were easy.

Friday: Rest day

Yay! But now I’m sad because I don’t get to exercise today.

Saturday: Fartlek/Parkrun/The odd race

Here’s a little bit about that. I’ll have more to say about races – I always research big races as much as I can before I enter so I know what to expect, and check that they’re right for me. Hopefully this will help other runners to make up their minds.

Sunday: Long Run

I will have run for some distance, become very tired and grumpy (unless my human camel cycles next to me passing me sports drinks – thanks Dan!) and probably had another long stretching session later on.


Thank you so much for reading. I’ll have my first proper post up once I’ve got a full week of training diary.

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