Week 2 – Training as Usual


Monday – Rest Day

Today I wasn’t running, but definitely mentally preparing. The last speed session I ran was on the last Wednesday of 2017, and I nearly passed out (not realising I had a flu type bug) so I was a little nervous about tomorrow’s session.

I’ve got my Half Marathon coming up at the end of February, and I actually can’t wait. I genuinely don’t know what sort of shape I’m in. Ideally a PB is what I’m after – anything that can beat 1:42:50.


Tuesday – 5.96 miles

First session in a long while.

1.5 miles of warm up, 3 minutes/2 minutes/1 minute x3 with 60s rest throughout, followed by a 1.5 mile cool down. Pace increasing slightly as the interval got shorter.

It really didn’t go to plan. The only route I can run after dark was unusually busy. My watch wasn’t catching up with my pace quickly enough and kept getting stuck, so I had no idea how quickly I was really running. There was a really cold head wind on the way out too. All in all, I was pretty grumpy by the end.

I’m not going to pretend I really enjoy every run I do. Sometimes I get super grumpy and frustrated that things aren’t going my way. Then I get home and stuff my face with recovery food and feel so much better lol.

Conclusion: not massively happy, but in the end it still got done and wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be. On to the next one!


Wednesday – 4 miles

I was working away from home today so I decided to get in a lunch run. Thank god I did as TFL decided getting home at a reasonable time was overrated, and I got back an hour late. No way would I have gone for a run after that, I spent most of the evening mumbling about the tube lines.

So that was 4 easy miles through the streets of North London, and I didn’t get lost which was an added bonus. Although I did get some funny looks walking through the office lol.


Thursday – 4 paced miles and some stretching

The weather was lush so I made the most of it with another lunch run. I ran my paced miles a little faster than the intended pace – I’ve been having problems with my watch not catching up with me properly so I didn’t realise until the end of each mile that I was a little quick.  I did wonder why 8:45 felt THAT difficult!


Friday – Rest Day

Today I made an active decision not to worry about my race time. I could feel myself getting nervous for my half and it’s still over a month away. My plan for the day is to settle into a pace that feels comfortable (no matter how slow that might be) and then speed up to race pace slowly, and as I feel ready.

At Gloucester half in the summer I spent so long constantly checking my watch and forcing myself to run exactly to pace that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. I want to get back to the speed I was (and faster) but I don’t want to lose my love of running in the process.


Saturday – 6.73 miles and some core strengthening 

Today’s session was brutal – 8 minute fartlek blocks. 1 mile warm up, 8 minutes, 2×4 minutes, 8×1 minute, 2×4 minutes, 1 mile cool down.

I left my run until after it got dark which meant my usual route. There’s a really long hill about 1 mile in that is downhill for a mile. Now if my session had a warm up/cool down of less than 1.5 miles, it means the end of my session is entirely uphill. Today was only 1 mile of warm up… So my last 8 minute block was a literal uphill struggle.

Even if the last lot was going to be off pace, I was so pleased that I’d managed to stick to all my paces according to my pace tracker during my session. Anyway, I got back and synced my watch to find I had been at least 10 seconds off pace for most of it, then started grumping around and muttering about my stupid Garmin.

Nevermind, I still really enjoyed this session even if it was really tough. It left me feeling like I’d accomplished something at least.


Sunday – 8 miles and some stretching 

Cold. Wet. Tired legs. Still haven’t warmed up enough to think further beyond that. But yay for getting a longer run in!


So that’s my week done – a total of 28.79. Definitely back in a rhythm and on track for a good race in February. Thank you all for reading, and I’ll be back next week for more.

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