Week 3 – Featuring Lee Valley 10k


Monday – Rest Day

As given lol. I’m seriously tired, still feel Saturday’s session in my legs.


Tuesday – 5.41 miles 

I wasn’t starting work until later so I got my session done in the morning. I thought I’d loosen up once I got a warm up and a few drills done, but nope. Tired legs, tired body and tired mind.

My session was meant to be 10x400ms at 7 minute mile pace, but I averaged more like 7:30 pace. And that was as far as I could push it. I tried not to panic and just keep calm for Saturday – whipped up a salad for lunch and spent a while on the foam roller.


Wednesday – 3 miles

I felt awful today, but nothing a little lunch break nap couldn’t fix. Haven’t I been tired the last few days?! I seriously need to wake up lol. Miles were fairly straight forward, winding down for Saturday now.


Thursday – 0 miles and some stretching

I hate missing runs, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to force yourself out. I got home from work super late and didn’t have much time before I needed to be in bed. A choice between 2 miles of running or 8 hours of sleep is a no brainer for me, sleep all the way!


Friday – Rest Day

So excited to be pinning on a race bib tomorrow. My last race was back in October and it feels like a lifetime ago.

I’m not expecting much from tomorrow time-wise, I just want to enjoy the experience.


Saturday – Lee Valley 10k

I’ll write up a full race report later in the week (watch this space), but I did a 47:30 official time. I went quite a bit further than the 6.2 mark and went through 10k at 45:58 – my PB is 45:56 so really pleased with the shape I’m in.

I always research my big races as much as I can before I enter, so I’m happy to be able to add to the online race reports lol.


Sunday – 10 miles

Welsh miles today, we drove straight up here after yesterday’s event. Can’t wait to move up in the summer. First 7 miles were with Dan, nice and flat along the canal path, then I finished up the last few miles on my own on the roads. Including a few big hills, but let’s face it, it wouldn’t be as interesting without them.


So that’s 24.8 miles in total. Nice cut back week to account for a training race. Thanks for reading this week, (I actually get way too excited when I see someone’s looked at my blog!) and there will be a post going up Wednesday about Lee Valley 10k in more detail.

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