Lee Valley 10k



About the 10k… 

The course: 6 laps of the Olympic Velopark – undulating (the elevation isn’t too bad but after a few laps you do start to notice the ups).

On the day: there’s a half marathon, 10 mile, 5k and 1 Mike event that all set off in the same course before the 10k. So you’re running at the same time that the others are finishing up.

Facilities: this event is organised by Run Through, so you know you’re in safe hands. There’s toilets, water on the course, chip timing, finishers medal and a variety of goodies at the end.


My Race… 

I was quite nervous the night before, which is normally a good sign as it means my mindset is in the right place. The morning of, I had a few stomach cramps (not a good sign as cramps ended my Manchester marathon last year) but they resolved by the time I reached the venue.

We parked up at Stratford International Car park and walked down to the Velopark. It was really easy to find as it’s really well signposted. I picked up my race pack, did my warm up, then kept warm in the Velodrome until it was time to head over to the start.

They walk you down to the 0.2 mile to-go mark (down the side of the course to be courteous to the other runners currently racing) with plenty of time to spare. From there it’s run the 0.2 to the finish line and complete your 6 laps.

I have never got on with courses that are more than 2 laps and have lots of turns. Mentally it zaps my speed. It didn’t get to me too much on the day, although I really lost my cool when one guy suddenly swerved across into my path. I was about a metre and a half away from him and he wasn’t even swerving to get round anyone, so I was *a bit* annoyed he nearly completely took me out. I don’t think he even noticed what he’d done. Normally I wouldn’t let that kind of thing get to me, but I was tired and had enough by that point.

Nevermind, apart from that incident it was actually quite nice to have people around you for most of the run. Definitely made it less lonely, and it was great to pass the start/finish where the race organisers were cheering everyone on.

Coming up to the finish, I knew I’d racked up quite a bit of extra distance from going round people so I pressed the lap button as I passed through the 10k mark.

Finished: 6.42 miles at 47:30

10k mark: 6.2 miles at 45:58

On a course that wasn’t particularly suited to me and a few grumps along the way, I was really pleased with this. I came in 32nd place and was 2nd overall female. Its a really good sign going into the half, on a course I know I love and have done before.

I grabbed my finisher’s medal, banana, flapjack,  milkshake and headed home with mixed feelings. I cheered up after a quick nap and some food, and started to really get excited about my finisher’s placing 🥈🏆


Overall verdict… 

This race was really a training run for me to try and get some race experience in before Thorpe Park Half in February. I knew going in that it wasn’t an ideal course for me, and still managed to come away with a decent performance.

I would 100% recommend this race to anyone. Really well organised, fun event, at an amazing location. Can’t go wrong!


2 thoughts on “Lee Valley 10k

  1. stomperdad says:

    Not a bad way to get in a training run! Looks like a great venue. When you get that many people into o e race there’s bound to be a couple jerks or people who didn’t even realize they did something rude. Great run and great finishing time! Good on the half!

    Liked by 1 person

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