Week 5 – a Week of Balance


Monday – Rest Day

It was one of those rest days where I felt really restless. And the problem with the city in winter is most things cost money (all my cash is going towards my new house, so I’m on a tight budget) so me and Dan headed to Ikea after work. The closest thing to a free day out lol. It was just nice to get out the flat and do something different for once tbh. All about that constant battle for balance.


Tuesday – 6 milesย 

Tempo miles today. Working from home and finishing at 4pm meant I could get out in the daylight and head over to the common.

It went perfectly right up until mile 3. Then I got stomach cramps. And instead of warming up, I just got much colder (literally the opposite of what’s meant to happen during the run, but I am not a cold weather person). BUT I didn’t let it get the better of me and still enjoyed my run, which is really the reason behind running. To enjoy it.

On the theme of balance, I finished off my evening with an evening in. Dan, a film, wine, and a warm chocolate brownie. Lush!


Wednesday – 4 miles

Easy lunch run.

It was sunny. I finally found a route I loved by my office. Perfect.

I ended up taking a phone call while I was running (you know when that really lovely colleague calls to catch up and you can’t bring yourself to ignore the call!) for about a mile.

I hung up and stuffed my phone away, and turned the corner to see two really big pigeons in the middle of the path errm making the most of each others company (yup, it was gross, there were noises and wing flapping involved). Only in London. The ones in the county at least find a bush lol.

When I got home I walked the dog (after dark in the park with Dan too might I add!), cleaned up, meal prepped, did my core strength and stretching then off to bed for 9:45. I felt so smug I’d ticked off everything on my to do list, and a bit more.


Thursday – 4 miles

A 6:30am start at work at least meant a 2:30pm finish, so I could get my run done in the daylight. And I could go with Dan for some of his run too.

Not going to lie, my legs were aching today. It was a relief to have that done. Looking at my step counter on my Garmin at the end of the day, I’d covered 11.2 miles so no wonder I felt knackered.

Stretching out in the evening was so satisfying, although I feel mentally scarred after using the foam roller. Tomorrow’s session will be interesting!

Nothing exciting on the cards this evening, but all the boring life admin got done. You know the stuff, laundry, dishes, cooking, dog walking (with Dan in the park again haha) but it’s so satisfying knowing I don’t have to get round to lots of it another day. Like with training, it’s so satisfying knowing it’s done.



Friday – 8.47 miles

First week of trading my Saturday sessions for fridays.

8x 1k with 1.5 miles of warm up and cool down.

My legs were really aching from the week, so I really wasn’t sure how this was going to play out. The warm up was sore, as were the first few repeats.

But then my legs loosened up, and suddenly I was hitting my target paces. It was that sweet spot where you don’t feel like you’re working hard to push pace, but it’s definitely not easy either.

Added bonus – there was basically no one else around as rush hour was over, but it wasn’t late enough for people to start going out. Leaving me to do my session in peace.


Saturday – Rest Day

So weird not running on a Saturday. Luckily I didn’t get rest day blues. I caught up on sleep and watched the rugby.


Sunday – 13 miles

I love long runs.ย That felt so good. Major shout out to Dan for being my human camel and carrying water round for me. And for not turning back when it started to hail.


So that’s 35.47 miles for the week. Not long now until the half. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll be back next week with another update x

3 thoughts on “Week 5 – a Week of Balance

  1. stomperdad says:

    Way to go with 35 miles! That sweet spot is amazing. Looking at your watch and realizing you’re running much faster than you thought and you still have more to give ๐Ÿ™‚ I made it out twice this week. That’s 6 more miles than last week! I’m hoping to keep getting more and get back to my 35 miles/week.

    Liked by 1 person

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