Week 6 – Only 2 Weeks to go

Monday – Rest Day

I was travelling for work today so I had some time to think. I’ve been wondering just how the race is going to go next week. I genuinely don’t know. I have no idea how my fitness is looking (if anything I’ve made next to no improvements in anything over 10k since Thorpe Half last year, looking at my times).

I’ll be honest and say that getting a PB really does matter to me. I know I have so much potential to unlock, it’s just a case of bringing it out. At the moment I’m not where I want to be, which is why I’m working so hard to get there!

There’s a part of me that really believes one day I’ll be able to run a half under 90 minutes. Then there’s another part of me that doubts my running capabilities and thinks I’ve probably already peaked. Whichever voice is right, I’m going to keep grinding away until I can’t run anymore. I’d never forgive myself if I stopped now.


Tuesday – 6 tempo miles

This really couldn’t have gone better. Completed at 7:59 pace when the aim was 8:10. OK it was a little quick, but it genuinely felt effortless. Don’t get me wrong, that didn’t mean I didn’t have to push and stay focused. It just meant that pushing to keep pace felt effortless. For once!

I think the key to this one was just to relax, listen to a really good playlist and not worry about where I was in the run, and what pace I was doing. I just checked in with my watch every now and again.

I can be really bad for obsessing over my pace while I’m running, but to be honest I find those runs the least successful. Probably because I’m not relaxed, and constantly thinking about the end result rather than enjoying the present.

Things are definitely looking good for next Sunday.


Wednesday – 4 miles easy

Why did this have to be cold and wet? Why can’t the weather just brighten up a bit?

Even my dog refused to go out in the weather (he hates the rain) and then pretended to be asleep for the rest of the day so I wouldn’t try to take him out again.

He definitely had the right idea, that run was yuck.


Thursday – 4 miles easy

Finally a dry and slightly warmer run. 6 runs to go now until Thorpe Half.


Friday – Rest Day

I was meant to have an interval session scheduled today, but a last minute cancellation meant I was squeezed in for a dental appointment. “A dental appointment? Why does that stop you running?” I hear you ask. Well I get sedated for my appointments so I usually feel pretty sorry for myself afterwards. I was groggy most of the afternoon so took it as a sign to rest.


Saturday – 6.97 miles

Urg I still didn’t feel massively amazing today. I was going to get my session done in the morning, but my stomach said no. I ended up going at 9pm (whoops) but at least that meant I could run a reasonably flat loop with Dan coming with me for company on the bike.

I was a bit off pace, but felt OK. My form felt strong and I had a bit of stomach ache crop up here and there. Just as I got to the end of my cool down, I had to stop. My stomach pain had turned into runner’s stomach issues… “Dan, we need to get home. Now!” Thank God the roads were clear as I got home without any shame. Isn’t running such a glamorous sport…

Anyway, my session was 10x 800m with 1 mile warm up and cool down. I was meant to hit each interval at 7:20 pace, but in reality it was more 7:40-7:50. It’s cool, I’m happy with that pacing. Especially considering how it ended!


Sunday – 3.84 miles

This was meant to be 12 miles, and my last long run before the half next week. Between still feeling run down from Friday, and worn out from yesterday’s session (and a new dry cough that is freaking me the hell out – why couldn’t this have waited until after next Sunday?!) this just didn’t happen.

I was running solo, with no one on hand to pick me up for the first hour or so if anything were to happen. I had a stitch from the minute I set off, and a sore throat, and dead legs. I got halfway down this hill and started to feel sick and dizzy. Not good, I used the next turning point to head home and rest up.

It’s far from ideal, but worrying isn’t going to solve anything. I’ll just have to see what this upcoming week has in store for me, and hope for the best.



So that’s 24.81 miles for the week. This time next week my post will either include some very happy thoughts and feelings, or some very raw devastation that only time and perspective will heal. Thanks for reading, and wish me luck 🀞 x

One thought on “Week 6 – Only 2 Weeks to go

  1. Lucy At Home says:

    Oooo good luck! Sorry to hear your last week of preparation hasn’t gone to plan but you’ve worked hard and you just need to attack the race now.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge πŸ™‚ #blogcrush


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