Week 7 – Race Week, Sort of

Monday – Rest Day

The dry cough is worse. Going through cycles of being fine with it, and being the least fine with it I could possibly be.

Tuesday – Rest Day

No intervals. The cough has eased a bit, but not enough to make running worthwhile. I’m very much not OK with this. My inner voice is all “don’t worry, it’s just one race. There are plenty more in March/April you could have a shot at” but my heart doesn’t see this and thinks it’s the end of the world.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Barely slept last night. For the first time I’ve thought about giving up running. You don’t realise how much you’ve given up until things go wrong.

Thursday – 3 miles easy

A little voice in my head said go for this run. So I did. It went OK, I could tell I was on the mend but not in the kind of fitness I’d need for a race.

Friday – Rest Day

I had 2 miles on my plan, but the same voice that told me to run yesterday said I needed to rest today. I caught up with my coaches (who made me feel miles better about my situation) and they confirmed that what I’d been considering was the best option – take it easy on Sunday and enter another half in a few weeks time when my fitness is where it should be.

Saturday – Rest Day

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I love the event, and can’t wait to run round it at a comfortable pace, without any pressure.

Sunday – Thorpe Park Half Marathon

I’ll be brief as I’ll do a separate race post just as I did for Lee Valley – I absolutely loved this race! Such a good course, with great support along the way. I ran it really relaxed and controlled (as a training run of course) and came in with 1:48:14 Garmin time.

A total of 16.1 miles for the week. A race review will be up on Wednesday, and I’ll also have made a decision on which spring half marathon I’ll be doing as my PB attempt. I’m surprisingly OK about this week, I think once I got my head round the fact there were other options I could take, I wasn’t so upset about being unwell for this race.

Thanks so much for reading, and see you all on Wednesday x

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