Week 8 – Recovery Week

I had a bit of a spiel prepared about how important recovery is etc, but that was before I knew that Thorpe Half was going to be a training race, and not a PB attempt. I’ll save it for another day lol.

Here’s a quick break down of how I spent my week recovering and preparing for my delayed PB attempt.

Monday – Rest Day

Thank god I feel super fresh today. A good sign I didn’t overdo it yesterday and was really sensible in my pacing. I have this week off work and am so excited to actually have a holiday. I went for a long dog walk, and did some shopping, and hung out with friends over drinks in the evening. Perfect day off.

Tuesday – 30 Minute Swim

I love swimming so much, and really advocate it as a form of cross training. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a terrible swimmer and super slow, but it’s still enjoyable and makes me feel like I’ve really worked.

Half an hour of front crawl went by really quickly. I was surprised at just how easily I slipped back into my stroke after not going swimming for nearly a year.

Wednesday – 6 Miles of Intervals

Finally got to do a session on a track. I forgot just how much quicker it feels than running on the roads.

My session was 2x 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 90s, 45s with pace increasing throughout. And 1.5 mile warm up and cool down either side.

It felt really easy, a good sign that I hadn’t overdone the pace on Sunday and that my fitness is back where it needs to be. Spring half marathon PB attempt is back on.

Thursday – Rest Day

I’d been so lucky not to get caught up in the awful weather, but a red weather warning (that appeared literally overnight?!) put a stop to that. Nevermind, it’s only 3 miles less this week and better safe than sorry.

I watched the first night of the Indoor Champs on the TV and couldn’t help but get a bit jealous – and it doesn’t help that my old clubmate had been making headlines again. It’s ridiculous to get jealous over someone else’s success, and I think all it shows is I’m currently quite frustrated with my own ability. If it takes 2 years, or 10, I’ll be damned sure I’m still here working on progressing and making up for all that lost time over the injury years.

I’m currently at a 1:42 half marathon PB, and I’m going to have to find 13 minutes from somewhere if I’m going to start to be content with myself. In 3 years I took off 14 minutes – which seemed impossible at the start of it all. So as much as another 13 minutes seems impossible from here, I’m really not going to know until I keep training away.

I have a lot of emotional investment in my training, mainly coming from a fear of failure. Something that I really need to work on if I’m ever going to succeed.

I finished the day off with a bit of core work and some stretching.

Friday – 30 Minute Swim

Another swim under the belt, although I’d hoped this would have been done at a hotel pool in Colchester (thanks again Beast from the East!). I was so proud to cover 850m today, I said I was slow lol.

Saturday – 4 miles easy

It was near impossible to find a parkrun that was on, and after scaling the roads Friday night, me and Dan decided to give parkrun a miss in interests of safety and go for a run later in the day instead. Typically, the roads had cleared by the time it was morning and we could have gone. Nevermind, at least we got a lie in.

Our run was at an easy pace, but I really did feel sloppy. I think between wearing my trail shoes for the first time in a while and tired legs from swimming just made it that bit more difficult than usual.

Sunday – 12 Miles

I thought getting up early to get this in would help avoid the masses in London, but the park was really busy. My least favourite thing about London running is the etiquette on paths that you take for granted outside of the city. I really got fed up with it by the last mile and picked up the pace – no one wanted to run/walk/let their dog stroll into me while I was running at speed haha. I often joke that I wear an invisibility cloak whenever I run in London to take the edge off my frustration. I think the worst one that ever happened was a car (not a warden’s car, just a member of the public) decided to drive straight across the footpaths in Richmond Park and nearly ran me over. I think people see the deer in a field and lose their heads a bit.

Still, only a few months left and I’ll be doing Welsh running on clear paths with friendly walkers and families. I can’t wait, even if it is going to be ridiculously hilly.


Total miles for the week stand at 22 with 1 hour of cross training – a good recovery week to get fired up again. Thanks so much for reading, and I can but apologise for another boring low mileage week! See you next week for some more Half Marathon updates x

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