Week 10 – R&R

Monday – Rest Day

My legs aren’t sore today, which is great but does leave me feeling like I could have done better in yesterday’s half. My last split was 12 seconds faster than my goal pace, so I must have had something left in the tank I just couldn’t tap into.

Tuesday – 3 miles easy

After a long day travelling it was a struggle to get myself out the door. I knew if I want to up my game this training cycle, then I need to keep up my commitment to running. If I can’t get out for 3 miles in a 30 mile week, then there’s no way I can up my mileage later down the line. So off I went, with no fatigue from the weekend.

I took some time to stretch out later in the evening.

Wednesday – 4 miles easy

Oh for crying out loud, I woke up with a sore throat. I thought I’d got away with avoiding the dreaded post-race cold, but apparently not. The miles were easy, but much slower than usual today.

I also did some core work in the evening.

Thursday – 4 miles easy

Lunch miles today. The sore throat is turning into a bit of a cold so I’m prioritising sleep and hydration to get past it. I need to stay healthy if I want to take on more miles.

I stretched out at home in the evening.

Friday – 8.1 miles

This was broken up into 5×1 miles at a goal of 7:50 pace, off 90s recovery.

Actual splits: 7:45, 7:28, 7:28, 7:39, 7:38

This felt really good. Like how running is meant to feel. My cold is just sniffles now – the early nights have paid off.

Saturday – Rest Day

I needed this day off. I don’t think I could have forced myself out in the snow today! I slept for 11 hours last night and spent my day in front of the rugby with good food and green tea.

Sunday – 12 miles easy

Why why why is there so much snow on the ground?! There’s nowhere in my tiny flat to put a treadmill, but I seriously debated binning the sofa to make space for one today.

That whole run was just a battle, and I felt like I’d been assaulted for 2 hours when I got home. But it’s done, and I hit all my runs this week. So that’s all that matters, as I sit here with 5 blankets and my pyjamas on, trying to warm up still.


Total miles for the week: 31.1

I’ve mentioned before that I’m moving to Wales this summer, which is why I entered Cardiff Half this October. I thought it would be really fitting to have my first goal race after I’d moved in my new home country. The course looks great too, it’s about the same total elevation gain as Surrey Half so good potential for a PB.

Thanks so much for reading this week, I’m so excited to get training again and ramp up the miles. See you all back here same time next week x

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