Week 13 – Unlucky for Some

Monday – Rest Day

A day off from everything was very much welcome today.

Tuesday – 4.76 miles

Well this all just went wrong. I can’t say I’ve been having the best of time with running the last few days, and the last few weeks I’ve really struggled during interval sessions. I was a bit worried about how my running was going already, but now I’m just trying not to go into crisis mode about it all.

I’ve never had a problem handling 30+ mile weeks so I don’t think it’s the mileage. I’ve actually read back through my last few blog posts to see if I can spot any trends, and there’s nothing that springs out at me. I’m a bit restricted in where I can run, especially for interval sessions where I need somewhere flat with few roads to cross and next to no footfall. That might be having a bigger effect than I realised, especially now the common is flooded.

So this was meant to be a 5 mile tempo, but between feeling short of breath and having awful stomach cramps, I had to call it a day at around 4 miles. Then walk for a bit. Then jog home.

Wednesday – 4 miles

Easy miles today. I did laps round where I lived just in case I had to call it a day with my stomach. I can’t say it was the most pleasant run ever, but at least I got round without too much discomfort.

Thursday – Rest Day

Urg I felt terrible today, I opted to switch my rest day and easy run round in the hope I’d feel a bit better for the rest of the week.

Friday – 5.8 miles

Intervals made up of 10x400m off 75s recovery. Originally it was meant to be 12 reps, but I needed a reduced session as I wasn’t sure how I felt.

The aim was to get as close to 7 minute mile pace as possible (1:40 per 400m) and I got between 1:49-1:40 for all of them. I’m really pleased with that as it was a super controlled effort and I didn’t crash out during the session.

When it came time to cool down, I was so pleased that I had decided to do the 10 instead of 12 as my stomach started cramping again. I had absolutely no worries as I was nearly home and could crawl into bed with a hot water bottle until they passed.

I was over the moon with this run, and pleased that after a few tough weeks I had signs of feeling myself again.

I took some time to stretch out in the evening.

Saturday – 4 miles

Dan and I had the same run to do, so we went together. It was lovely to have some company. It was so hot that I ended up having to take my top off towards the end of the run – 17c up from the 10c it had been the last few weeks! Can’t wait for this warmer weather to be a more usual occurrence.

I did some core and glute strengthening later on too.

Sunday – 12 miles

If Friday’s session hadn’t gone so well, I’d have taken this run a lot more to heart. It wasn’t pleasant but it got done. I took some time to stretch out later.

I did reflect that maybe this time of year just isn’t a good time for me running-wise. The only other time I had my stomach turn on me was last year to the day at Manchester Marathon. I had cramps from mile 2 to mile 19 where I had to stop. I’d only done one marathon before that (in Barcelona) and the 2 experiences were a polar opposite. If you like your marathons, or are looking to do your first one, I couldn’t recommend Barcelona more. You really do feel like a rock star the whole time.


Total miles for the week: 30.56

Well it was good mileage, even if the runs didn’t go to plan. I nearly named this week’s training updates ‘Week 13- the week I nearly stopped believing in myself’ but it was a bit too melodrama for my tastes! Thanks so much for reading this week’s update and I’ll be back next week x

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