Week 14 – A Better Week

Monday – Rest Day

It was really difficult watching everyone race yesterday. If they PB’d I’d feel sad that I hadn’t felt that in a while. If their race went badly, it was a feeling I knew all too well and over-empathise. I just need to get my head down and get through this rough patch.

It’s a little over 5 months until race day now. Cardiff Half Marathon is still going to be my last proper PB attempt at the half distance. If things don’t go to plan then I’m still going to focus on the shorter stuff for a while to give my speed a bit of a boost.

Tuesday – 6.35 miles

Intervals of 5x1k with a target of 4:35-4:40 pace.

Splits: 4:43, 4:36, 4:43, 4:36, 4:25.

I’m really struggling for running routes at the moment, so I’ve found a loop that’s about as flat as its going to get – though you can tell from my splits when I was doing the parts of the loop that have some elevation gain!

I can’t properly explain how I still don’t feel quite right, but running just isn’t coming so naturally. My breathing is a little off, like it would be if you were a bit dehydrated. It means I’m just a bit tight and tense in my chest. It’s not just over faster runs either and it’s making easy runs that little bit uncomfortable.

Wednesday – 4.2 miles

Easy miles are the best miles. Especially when they are actually effortless. I was travelling for work today, so I went on a bit of an exploration run round Ely. I didn’t get lost, I didn’t get rained on, I didn’t have that weird off feeling that had been plaguing me recently, and I managed to accidentally find a park to run round. It was a good run.

Thursday – 4 miles

My weeks are super similar in terms of the template they follow for training, but it does make planning my week so much easier.

The lunch run didn’t work out, so an after work (but pre-commute) run was in order. I was super bloated and I must have been sat funny on my chair all day as I had some serious back pain when I started running BUT moaning aside, it was good standard training run. No weird unnatural feeling. Thinks are looking up.

I took some time to stretch out in the evening.

Friday – Rest Day

I was meant to do a session today, but I just simply ran out of time. An evening hair appointment on top of getting to the bank before it closed, and needing to walk the dog as it wasn’t done during the day, well I was having dinner at 9pm and flat out.

I wasn’t worried, I knew I could do it tomorrow. Sometimes life does get in the way so it’s important to be flexible.

Saturday – 5.68 miles

Fartlek blocks today. These sessions either make or break me. They usually break me, I’m just not good at them! It does make a hard session easy to deal with if I don’t hit my target paces, as I know these sessions just aren’t where my strengths lie.

Today I just couldn’t get to the upper end of my pace range. The session felt good, but I knew I was off my game today as I really struggled for sub 8min/mi. It just felt like a sprint today.

I still really enjoyed it. It was nice to be running in the sun again.

Sunday – 12 miles

This was amazing. No stomach pain, no weird tight feeling, just me and a really good playlist running round London for just under 2 hours.

I tackled my least favourite hill (about a mile long on sandy horse paths) which did wipe me out for the last 3 miles, but not so much I had to drastically slow my pace. A great way to end the week.


Total miles for the week: 32.2

A year ago, I would have really struggled to run over 30 miles a week consistently. My coaches have really helped me get to this point, and I’m so grateful to have their support throughout this while running nonsense.

I’ll be back next week with more updates on my training. See you all then x

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