Week 15 – Lovely Weather For It

Monday – Rest Day

Last week was a great week. I’m really excited for this week, and my sessions look like ones I can really get stuck into and get up to speed. I really like sessions that are either long and paced, or short and fast – the ones in between tend to get the better of me. My speed is good, my endurance is good, my speed-endurance not so much.

Tuesday – 6.58 miles

This session was split up into 4x 3min, 2min, 1min.

The 60s recoveries were tough. I started strong, but by the final set I was really flagging. I really can’t wait to live nearer a functioning track too, the loop I was running wasn’t completely flat so you don’t get a proper gauge of pace on the shorter stuff.

I got to try out my new session shoes today. I’d been saving them for the track, but I thought I’d test them out on a road session to see how I got on with them. It was strange getting used to a smaller drop, but after the warm up when I was picking up the pace, I really settled into them. I felt like I was running so much more freely and in my natural running style. I’ll definitely be using them for the short and fast stuff on the roads in future.

On another note, homeworking has seriously transformed my running. While I don’t work from home 5 days a week, the few days I do are a lifesaver. I don’t have to worry about getting out early, hurrying to go over lunch (and make myself presentable again after!), or having to drag myself out after a battle of a commute. On days like today where I really need to give my all to a session, it’s so great to be a homeworker.

Wednesday – 4 miles

Lunch miles from the office. It was lovely to run in the sun again after such a long winter. My body completely forgot what running in warm weather is like and I sweated buckets. But I’d take a sweaty shorts and vest run over a damp murky run any day.

In other news, I’ve put in my entry for the Silverstone 10k in May. I’ve wanted to do this race for ages, but just never got round to it. Since I’m moving to Wales in June, this is the last chance I’ll be able to run it conveniently (what with it being on a Wednesday night). The course is pretty flat, so I’ve got a real chance at a fast time here and I’m excited to see what I can do. I’d be happy with sub-46, but I’ll be aiming to get as close to 45 minutes as possible.

My race execution for 10k is absolutely appalling, but even if I mess up my pacing I know I can drag myself through the pain. The last 10k I did, I pretty much ran positive splits (which wasn’t great but the course definitely wasn’t in my favour). The 10k before that I went out too hard and died. But I ran sub-46 both times, so if I can run a more controlled first half then I can definitely go faster. Or I can just throw out my race plan, go out too hard and just do my best to hang on, like I normally do.

Thursday – 4 miles

I was travelling for work again, so I packed up my running kit and bundled it into my bag. The great thing about the warm weather is there’s so much less to cart around all day.

The weather forecast said 26c, but it was a little bit warmer at 28c. Thank God I packed shorts, t-shirt and my sunglasses (even if I do look like Robocop in them).

I wish I had only positive things to say about this run, but it seems the minute the hot weather comes back, people forget their manners. A group of men yelling at a lone female runner is harassment, plain and simple. And the main reason I absolutely hate running in crop top and shorts. It was baking hot, but after that incident, I waited until I was away from the park and on the river paths to *sans top* and made sure I put it back on again when I got back to the park. Not ideal in 28c heat.

Friday – Rest Day

Rest day due to the heat. I love warm weather but its ridiculous to go from 11c and cloudy to 27c and sunny in the space of a few days. So I thought best to hang up the trainers for the moment and head to the beach.

Saturday – 6.1 miles

Session of 10x 600m off 75s recovery. I’m so glad I swapped my rest days. This was a fantastic session and in much cooler weather than yesterday. It was a mixed bag in terms of pacing, not the most consistent I’ve ever been, but the run felt amazing and I finished with a serious push on the last interval. So I’m happy. I love what I do, so throw in a decent session in good weather and I’m about as happy as it gets.

Sunday – 12 miles

Last week’s long run went as well as it could of, this week went OK considering. I wanted to get my run done before the marathon started, but that was a bit optimistic and I ended up going at 2pm. It was hot, but with the right kit and some water stops factored in, I got round fine.

I was so inspired by all the amazing runners doing London today, you’re all heroes (let alone doing a marathon in this weather!). One day I’ll throw my hat in the ring for London, but one completed marathon and one DNF is enough for me now. It’s time to focus on getting quicker, not going longer.


Total miles for the week: 32.68

Well it was a busy week in the sweltering heat, and I don’t have a more weather-appropriate photo for this week’s update, but a great week overall. Thanks for reading my update this week, and see you all again next week x

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