Week 16 – Let’s Just Focus on Tuesday

Monday – Rest Day

Like many in the running community, I was really saddened to hear about the death of Matt Campbell at the London Marathon on Sunday. The support from runners has been incredible, and it makes me proud to part of the community. There’s already been so much said about this tragedy so I don’t think there’s anything more I can add of any meaning to something so sad. RIP.

Tuesday – 5.9 miles

An easier session today: 2x 4min, 3min, 90s, 45s.

This went amazingly well. I beat all but one of my target times by quite a margin, and didn’t fade out despite running paces I hadn’t hit since pre-injury. Things are really looking up and this was just the encouragement I needed.

Wednesday – 4 miles

I felt a bit poorly today. A few nights of poor quality sleep has really knocked me for ten, but I got out for this run after work anyway. I felt a bit more energised afterwards but made sure to get an early night all the same.

Thursday – 4 miles

Feeling much better today. After a site visit and a drive across to Wales, I got my run done in the streets of Pontypool at 9:10pm. Not ideal, but it was so lovely and quiet outside. Plus I got to run a completely new route which is always exciting.

Friday – Rest Day

The one day the heavens open and I’ve got a rest day. Success! I’m nice and dry inside, and a bit too smug about it. I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone, and so excited to be doing my first parkrun of 2018 tomorrow. It’s been far too long since I’ve done one (all my own fault) and I’ve decided that when I move across to Wales next month, I’ll volunteer at my local parkrun (Cwmbran) at least once a month.

Saturday – Parkrun

Some parkrun tourism today at Swansea Bay. My aim was to get as close to my PB as possible, but after a shaky start in the morning, I just wanted as close to 22:30 as possible.

Official time: 23:04

Garmin time: 22:58

I’m really fed up of always having excuses when things don’t go right. So I’m just going to say I just didn’t have it today and this run was a struggle.

Swansea Bay Parkrun was a lovely route and I definitely recommend it if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not, like me!)

Sunday – 10.14 miles

This was meant to be 12 miles, but I was having such a horrible time I couldn’t bring myself to make up the final 1.86 miles. Let’s just write off this weekend.


Total miles for the week: 27.4

It started well, but the week ended unhappily. Thanks so much for reading, and hopefully I’ll be back with a happier training update next week. Keep an eye out on Wednesday for my post about Manchester Marathon last year – please do sign up for email alerts if you’re worried about missing it! See you all soon x

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