Week 17 – More Back and Forth

Monday – Rest Day

It’s payday! Two new pairs of trainers are in the way to me in the post. My current pair went flat halfway through the month, but unfortunately I don’t have a bottomless bank account so had to wait to buy a new pair. Now I’ve got 2 pairs so I don’t have to worry about replacing them for the next 6 months during a busy and expensive moving period.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Swapped round my easy miles and my session as I didn’t feel in the right place to get some decent speed work in. After a very poor weekend running-wise I decided I’d rather get an easy run in now, so I could focus properly tomorrow.

Wednesday – 6.6 miles

14*400m on 75s recovery.

It was pouring with rain – always a good thing in London as it means I have the pavements all day to myself! This was a great session. Things only started to get difficult around rep number 9, and even then my pace didn’t drop – it actually did the opposite. Happy days!

Thursday – 7 miles

Lunch miles in the sun discovering that London flies absolutely love the sunny weather – and my bright pink top. I had to keep brushing them off every few minutes to avoid looking like The Fly Whisperer.

Friday – Rest Day

This felt very well earned. Even if I had a run scheduled I wouldn’t have been able to get it done as it was back to Wales that evening. It’ll be so nice not to be ferrying back and forth in a few weeks time, and be out of the city for good.

Saturday – Oops

I had a session planned, but the day really got away with me. I suppose I need to get used to this over the coming weeks. My move from London to Wales is happening between 4-8 weekend’s time but there’s going to be a bit of back and forth until then. Needless to say the next 2/3 months are a bit up in the air.

Sunday – 4.1 miles

No long run Sunday? That’s right – I’m racing a 10k on Wednesday! I’m quite glad to have had a shorter run as I just need to lie down and recover today. This is my last run before Wednesday so it was good to get it done with no issues.


Total miles for the week: 21.7

I lost about 5 miles from my week from missing Saturday, hopefully this won’t affect Wednesday’s race too much! Wish me luck for Silverstone 10k, and thanks so much for reading x

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