Week 18 – Featuring Silverstone 10k

Monday – Rest Day

This blog is all about documenting my return from a very long time out from running with injury. And as the name suggests, it’s a very long run back from it all.

I’m using an old 5k benchmark to know when I’ve bettered myself from where I used to be as a teen – 21:56. That time is the fastest 5k I ever ran on track (non competition conditions) before my hiatus. Right now my 5k PB is from parkrun at 22:07. I’ve got 11 seconds to find from somewhere, and at the moment I’m just focusing on sub 22.

In terms of Wednesday’s 10k, I never did a 10k pre-injury so it’s harder to get a good benchmark with this distance. I have a 10k PB of 45:56 from Bournemouth 10k – a flat out and back course along the beach front. Silverstone has serious potential as a PB course, and I’m gearing my mind up to go deep this Wednesday and fight through any pain barrier. There is no reason I shouldn’t PB here, but so much has gone wrong on recent race days that I’m not as confident as I usually would be. So much can go wrong that’s out of my control.

Tuesday – Rest Day

Today I spent finalising my race plan. Go out at a comfortable pace (around 7:20/mile) and just hang on. Push the first 5k to the point of just beyond comfortable. I know I can survive miles 4 and 5 if I stay mentally strong, and the last mile is a case of digging deep.

I felt good today. Well rested and mentally OK. A good sign for tomorrow. Here’s hoping.

Wednesday – Silverstone 10k

Race day.

Target time: 45:50 for 6.2 miles

Actual time: 46:38 for 6.34 miles

Not an ideal result, but I really enjoyed this event and was gutted at how much extra distance I’d managed to rack up. I’ll write a full race report to go live on Wednesday, but in summary I would 100% recommend this event.

Thursday – 3 miles

Easy miles to recover from yesterday’s race. Definitely helped having today off work, but I couldn’t bring myself to do the full scheduled 4 miles. My body was just exhausted and didn’t want to run.

I’ve lost quite a bit of motivation and confidence after yesterday’s event too. I think I must have had higher expectations for myself than I’d allowed myself to realise, as today I really can’t see the point in continuing to commit to running so much.

Friday – 0 miles

More easy miles were scheduled for me today, but my mind and body still felt wrecked. My legs were sore and barely got me to work, a definite sign that maybe I should have rested yesterday. My body doesn’t seem to bounce back like everyone else’s.

Saturday – 2.74 miles

Session of 1k, 600m, 400m x3.

I didn’t really know how this was going to go after Wednesday. Well, I got the first 2 intervals done at well below target pace. Struggling to breathe and with heavy legs I decided it was stupid to push on and just went home.

In the past I never would have done a session so close to a race to give my body time to recover properly, and while I want to train hard and in the right way, maybe some old habits should still remain.

Sunday – 0 miles

I’ve cleared my schedule until Wednesday. I need genuine rest to get back to fitness and stay injury free.


Total miles for the week: 12.06

I’m trying really hard to put a positive spin on a terrible running week. I think it would have been much easier to cope with a disappointing result on Wednesday if I’d recovered really well. At least that would have meant I didn’t leave it all out there and could go faster much more easily… Being so knackered from a 10k isn’t the best of signs. But at least I’ve recognised that and set some rest time aside.

Thanks so much for reading everyone, I’ll be back on Wednesday with a race review x

2 thoughts on “Week 18 – Featuring Silverstone 10k

  1. stomperdad says:

    Hope you find your energy this week. I would love to find the time to get out regularly. I haven’t convinced myself that running before school (at 5am) is worth it yet πŸ™‚ When I was running regularly, I hated intervals but always got my greatest results from completing them. Good luck!


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