Touring Parkrun Cymru: Penallta & Rogiet

Second and third parkruns down in my tour. This post is a bit delayed, but time for a write up as I look to my next parkrun this Saturday.


After a trip to Porthcawl for my first parkrun in Wales, I didn’t think the next one would come anywhere near as close to as good (see my last post for why Porthcawl parkrun was so beautiful).

But this parkrun didn’t fail to disappoint.

I ran this on my own as part of my training, which meant I took it at pace.

With music playing before the run to get us in the mood and a quick scout of a bit of the route, I was excited to get going.

The path going out can cater for 3 abreast so it was a little cramped heading out, but not unmanageable. There’s just the one hill (that you also get to run down!) and some inclines here and there. Amazing views, pretty pond, and an archway, make it a great route for sightseeing. Really wish I’d taken my other half’s gopro for this one as I would love to share some photos with you all.

I wouldn’t rate this a PB course, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your tourism list! The sense of achievement at the end, the beautiful course, and of course how welcoming it all was, make it a great way to kick off the weekend.


So this is pronounced ‘rog-et’ I THINK after listening to the pre-parkrun talk, but I’m not 100% sure on that so apologies if I got that wrong.

I took a friend along to this who used to run at the same club as me as a junior, but has since not done much in the way of sport. She’d been doing the couch to 5k programme and really beating it. I suggested we do this together while she was staying with us, and our goal was to pace it so she could run the whole way without any breaks.

This was a very small parkrun. Only around 60 people in attendance, so they do ask you volunteer more frequently than at other runs (volunteering is great if you haven’t already done it, but more about that another time).

A three lap course around a gorgeous ‘bunny-run’ Park. Mainly flat with just the one small incline. Probably not a PB course, but if you are speedy you’ll probably finish quite high up the rankings!

The volunteers were super friendly and encouraging, and definitely helped get my friend round.

I’m pleased to say we did the whole 5k together without walking, and we were over the moon afterwards!

I’ve done 3 parkruns so far, and have come away with that special post-parkrun feeling every time. Whether it’s running with my other half, or on my own for some hard training, or helping someone run their first 5k in a while, parkrun really has something for everyone and I couldn’t sing its praises anymore.

Thank you all for reading x

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