Travelling for Work & Training

Fitting running into life is hard. Whatever your commitments are in this world, life does seem to find a way to get in the way of your training plans.

For me, fitting running in around work is always a challenge.

My ideal time to go for a run is between 9-11am. I’ve had a decent night’s sleep, been able to wake up at my own pace, and have a decent breakfast at a reasonable time that my stomach can handle. But during the week, this time isn’t really an option.

Pre-work is not for me. I’m not properly awake, my stomach isn’t happy about not being fed for 8+ hours, and overall I’m just a bit tender.

Post-work is hit and miss, as I normally feel so tired that I just need to sit down for a bit to recover from the day.

Lunch runs, however, are totally my thing. When I’m working from home or in the office, this is the time I’ll schedule in my training.


I travel for work.

And not the nice overnight stay kind of travel where I visit the same places frequently.

Oh no.

It’s the same-day visiting sites with very little in the way of facilities kind of travel. The days can be long, so pre or post work just isn’t an option (think 7am-11pm kind of days).

So about half my working days are spent somewhere in the general area of ‘South England and Wales’.

Recently I’ve gotten brave and started running while I’m out and about. I ask my colleagues if they wouldn’t mind if I pop out for lunch (bearing in mind I’ve often never met these people before!) to go for a run. I’ve been so lucky that I work with such wonderful people they’ve been nothing but supportive.

But not all the places I visit have a place nearby to go running. I have a running backpack I can take with me, but I’m very aware that come the winter months this won’t be much of an option – I don’t think there’s a running bag around that could fit my winter coat on top of everything else I have to take with me, and there’s a good reason for that!

I’m going to have to be really smart with my diary management for sure.

That being said, there are some serious pros to running while you’re out and about – I have explored so many new places that I wouldn’t have ever seen otherwise. Especially in the southwest, I’ve seen some gorgeous sites in the country side and along the seafront. Plus, it’s basically impossible to back out of a run once you’ve lugged your running kit halfway across the country and spent ages planning a suitable route.

And it makes the long days worth it. Coming from a work perspective, you really don’t mind the long days once you’re able to fit in your own personal goals alongside work.

If you’re thinking about doing the same as me, and running while you’re out and about for work, I do have some advice:

  • Pack the day before so you don’t forget anything- if you’re using public transport to get around, I recommend taking as little as possible. Take a tablet instead of a heavy laptop, pack your lunch in a reusable zip-lock bag, leave behind the nice-to-haves that you don’t need for the day. That way you won’t be overloaded carrying around kit too.
  • Wear your trainers to work if you can, it’s one less thing to carry. I use my second pair of trainers that don’t get as much use so they’re not tatty.
  • Plan a route as soon as you can. Check the local area for potential routes and plot them out. Make sure to take notes on what to look for as you’re running so you don’t get lost, and always take a phone with you just in case.
  • Dry wash! My absolute must – apply then towel off. Top off with some spray and you’ll be fresh and ready to go.

I love travelling for work, but fitting in training on top of it requires a lot of organisation.

Totally worth it though for these kind of runs…

What are your tips for running on the go?

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